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Summer Walker & Lil Meech Drags Jess Hilarious Over ‘Musty’ Comment

Summer Walker and Lil Meech took turn dragging Jess Hilarious over a comment she made about the BMF actor

Summer Walker Lil Meech
Summer Walker, Lil Meech

Summer Walker has called out Jess Hilarious for wishing that Lil Meech would cheat on her after the comedian spoke on her relationship with the actor on the Breakfast Show.

Jess Hilarious tried to be funny about recent rumors that Lil Meech had cheated on Summer Walker and said she hoped that the actor keeps cheating so fans could get good music.

The hosts were talking about a woman who claimed that she would spill tea about her and the Black Mafia Family actor after news surfaced that he and Walker were together. The woman posted a photo of her in Lil Meech’s chain, but the actor brushed it off as he revealed that it was more than a year ago before he and Walker was a thing.

Jess Hilarious, who was co-hosting the Breakfast Show, seemed to find humor in the entire thing and even joked about Meech cheating and breaking Summer’s heart so she could make melancholic music fans love.

“And Summer is like ‘I’m not going nowhere’ but look, he cheat. He cheating on you. And I think he need to keep on cheating. Just keep on cheating on her cause that’s how we get the best Summer Walker music,” the comedian said.

She added, “The soft girl era, that’s dope. But she too in love and she ain’t going through nothin’. I think her music is about to music is about to get back on London On Da Track vibes, you know what I mean. That’s the Summer that we love, when she going through the pain and I hope she don’t give Meech no baby.”

She also seemed to say that Meech was smelly.

“That’s what happens when you mess with a deli smelly n**ga. That’s what happen.
When they smell, something get a little fishy.”

The BMF actor, however, put Jess on blast for trying to slide into his DMs twice over the last two years.

Dubbed what fans say is a “soft slide being thirsty, Jess wrote to Meech in December 2021, “I am so proud of you!! You were made for this sh*t and to do so much more after this.”

In another message sent in February of this year, she asked, “Hey are you still in Baltimore?”

Meech put her on blast, captioning the DMs, “How I stink but this unstable creature in my DMs trying to get chose? I see why U mad now [laughing emoji] This is a crazy world we live in.”

Walker also chimed in separately as she expressed frustration that she and her man was being investigated every day despite them not doing anything to be in the media.

She also addressed Jess Hilarious, whom she called “weird,” and questioned, “What black woman hopes another black woman keeps getting cheated on… that’s dark.”

“And then congratulates a man, tries to link with him n turns right around a short time later to say he stink? Have you ever met either one of us?” Walker asked.

She also added, “You just missed being a n**ga by a chromosome lord forgive me… you’d think being so ugly you’d try to be sweeter. Being ugly inside & out isn’t a good combination & will NOT get you far in this industry.”

Jess has not responded to the couple.