Spice Shares Her New House and Recovery on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Spice shares a peek at her new mansion in Atlanta on the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop


Spice was the center of the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as the show moved from its longtime home, VH1, to MTV.

The Jamaican Queen of Dancehall was the center of episode 2 of the show, which aired on Tuesday night, where she spoke about being hospitalized for surgery, and she discussed her relationship with fellow cast member Meda Leacock and her falling out with Karlie Redd.

While speaking to Angel, Spice was told that she should not be upset at Shekinah and Angel because while she was critically hospitalized in a coma in the Dominican Republic late last year, Meda may have been the one leaking information to the blogs and trying to clout from the unfortunate situation.

“It was a circus. A mess. We were trying to maintain your privacy. We didn’t want anyone knowing exactly where you were. We didn’t even know what was exactly wrong with you so we can’t share it with the world. But Meda was taking calls and Meda wanted to do a press release… she needed to update social media,” she said.


“I don’t want to believe any of this was leaking from Meda. That’s not the Meda I know,” Spice said as a flashback of Meda informing Spice that she had submitted her debut album, ’10’ for a Grammy award last year.

Spice added, “But Angel is one of my closest friends, and I don’t think she was lying.

Spice and Karlie Redd falling out

Spice also said she found it suspicious that Karlie and Meda were close suddenly and shared information about why she and Karlie fell out.

“Karlie ain’t no good… she do some likkle shady stuff. Like I found out she went to Meda to submit the songs I did with her for a Grammy and she never tell me nothing,” Spice said about their song “Werk” featuring Capella Grey.

Spice also said Karlie wouldn’t stop talking about a birthday party she threw to celebrate Spice.

“Last year when it was my birthday Karlie claimed she a do this big birthday party. Why when mi get ah Jamaica everybody telling me how Karlie complained ‘I spent so much money on Spice’s birthday…mi spend 35k’. fi wha, the bull?” Spice said as she said she didn’t want anyone to use her for hype.

Despite their falling out, Spice said that Karlie showed up to see her while she was in the Dominican Republic, but she still didn’t trust her and didn’t want “fake friends” around her.

Spice also shared that Shekinah did not show up in the DR to see her despite claiming to be her friend.

The pair were also seen arguing as she reminded Shekinah that she was an artist and she wouldn’t want others to dictate to her how she was healing. Shekinah had disagreed with Spice dancing shortly after her recovery, where it was obvious that she was still in pain.

Neither Meda nor Karlie Redd has responded to Spice, but from all accounts, blogs like the Shaderoom had been sharing conflicting reports about Spice’s condition, with someone claiming to be a manager for the artiste saying she was not in a coma nor the DR while other reports contradicted that.