“Jamaica no longer makes the best roots reggae”

In light of the recent closing of French reggae record label Makasound, one of its executives have stepped forward to give his 2 cents on the state of reggae music.

In an interview with Jamaica Observer, co-founder of Makasound Nicolas Maslowski, said Jamaica no longer produce the best reggae music.

“Reggae is a style that cannot die, if the artistes, musicians and producers take care of it, but it can leave Jamaica too! Be careful! Right now most of the best roots reggae is not made in Jamaica but elsewhere,” Maslowski said.

Maslowski said the best reggae music has been made in the 60s and 70s, and only a handful of Jamaican musicians making good reggae these days.

“For me the best Jamaican music, has been made from mid late ’60’s to ’79….but that doesn’t stop certain Jamaican musicians (from) doing some good reggae music nowadays, including some young ones-and-ones. The major problem to me — and for foreign ears and tastes — is the sound, more than creativity. But many things are not going right in Jamaica regarding the music industry, and I really want to talk and ask some questions about it because it’s very sad and maybe it’s not totally to late to catch up.”

Makasound recently file for bankruptcy in France amidst mounting debts and increase competition from online piracy.

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